Concession Stand & Candy Case

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Concession Stand & Candy Case

Decor for your personal home theatre


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The accent stripe across the bottom of the counter matches the gold or silver Candy Case finish of your choose.

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Your choice of Burgundy or Black Formica Counter with a built-in Candy Case 

Choice of Case Finish - Polished or Satin Silver, Polished or Satin Gold. 

The counter top is deep enough to hold all of our 6 oz. Popcorn Poppers, with plenty of room to spare for your food trays and drinks. 

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Metal DTS and Dolby Digital Sound Signs
Metal Dolby Digital 
Sound Sign

Hollywood Movie wallpaper border
Movie Wallpaper Border


Chaselight Illuminated Poster Marquee
Chaselight Illuminated 
Movie Poster Marquee



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